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My Snowshoe Siamese talking and Making Weird noises | Haustiergadgets

7/13/2016: Thanks for the extra likes and views! Let’s hit 300~ 3/11/2016: Getting close to 200 views – thanks again! I’ll try my best to post more videos to my channel, but it might not happen for a few weeks. March is a pretty busy month for me this year. 1/5/2016: Almost 100 views! For […]

Classification of Cat Breeds, #PY: Persian, Ragdoll, Russian Blue, Scottish Fold, Siamese | DISCOVER | Haustiergadgets

CAT BREEDS RASE LIST Discover The World Abyssinian cat, American Bobtail cat, American Curl cat, American Domestic cat, American Shorthair cat, American Wirehair cat, Balinese cat, Bengal Cat cat, Birman cat, Bombay cat, British Shorthair cat, Burmilla cat, Burmese cat, California Spangled Cat, Chantilly CAT, chartreux cat, Colorpoint Shorthair cat, Cornish Rex cat, Coupari […]

Birma rowerem | Haustiergadgets

Film podsumowuje 26 dni spędzonych w Birmie. Mówię Birma, a nie Myanmar, na złość reżimowi władającemu tym krajem i was też do tego zachęcam. Nie wspieramy junty! Yangon – Pyay – Magwe – Chauk – Bagan – Inle Lake – Mandalay – Moreh (granica z Indiami) Jeśli ktoś się wybiera to polecam ważną lekturę przed […]

Chausie cat / Cat Breed | Haustiergadgets

The Chausie was first created in 1990 by crossing a Jungle Cat with a domestic cat after which time, breeders concentrated on producing a „wild“ looking cat that boasted a kind, placid and affectionate nature. The breed was awarded full Championship status by TICA in 2013, but has yet to be recognised by the Governing […]

minecraft online met minskin | Haustiergadgets

geef ff een reactie reclame video vorige video abonneer het kanaal van jorisvideos in leuk dat je hebt gekeken.